Primary school taster sessions

Delivered to:
A class of up to 30 children
Delivered by:
The Community Development Administrator and a qualified part-time coach. (Both DBS certified.)
To introduce Gaelic Games to children in primary schools.
To discuss the origins of the games and how it spread from Ireland.
To explain how the game is played.
To demonstrate basic skills.
To engage children in an enjoyable modified game accessible to all in the class.
To encourage equal and full participation in the modified game.
To develop skills.
To enjoy!!!
More information.
The Gaelic Athletic Association recently employed a new full time Community Development Administrator (CDA) to develop Gaelic Games in Yorkshire. The CDA, Jason Rooney, is a fully qualified teacher with teaching experience spanning 20 years and has been involved in Gaelic Games in Yorkshire for over 15 years. He has put his teaching career on hold whilst embarking on this new opportunity that brings together his passion for Gaelic Games and working with children - double satisfaction!

The CDA is working in partnership with a part-time lecturer and PhD (sports) student  developing this fresh new child-centred approach to youth participation in sport and active life-styles. Since September they have delivered very successful and enjoyable taster sessions in primary schools. These have resulted in further engagement with those schools. A teacher from one of those schools said it was a shame that Ofsted weren't in during the taster session, not to get out of teaching, but to show excellent sport provision.

Each taster session lasts for one hour, but effectively 45-50 minutes when time is allowed for pupils to change into their PE kit. Theses taster sessions are aimed at Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 pupils. The taster sessions can be delivered according to the schools needs and timetable requirements. It is better to arrange a morning or afternoon when 2 or three classes can be taught one after the other.

The pupils and teachers enjoy it, and so do we.

Please click on the link below to see some photographs taken by schools that show a little bit of what we do. We have permission from the schools to use these photographs. We are waiting for a few more to be sent to us from schools that show more action and more resources.